Our philosophy

Since the founding of HIPEC, our services and decisions have always been based on values that we consider to be fundamental in a company:

HONESTY: honesty and transparency within the team as well as with our partners and customers are essential to build a trusted business relationship on solid bases.

INTEGRITY: Our choices are always based on good intentions, as we firmly believe in our values and that these values are paramount for us. This is why integrity is part of our priorities.

PERFORMANCE: Our company was created in 1984, our experience combined with our academic training ensures a high return on your investment.

EFFICIENCY: The realization and accomplishment of several of our projects demonstrate the performance of our management team, our team managed more than 2000 apartments units and participate in many real estate transactions.

C (INCREASE): The constant increase in the net operating income of a real estate project is crucial to maximize the value of the building. All of our decisions are taken to promote future value.